Who is this new kid in town?

Hello to you from SE Spain! My name is Alex. I am a self-taught programmer and an inveterate IT enthusiast in my spare time since end of 2019, dedicating mostly to web development.

I enjoy implementing fluent front-end design with modern technologies (React, Redux, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap) to my creations, as well as taking into account the security and fast responsiveness of the web pages from the back-end (I use JavaScript or PHP here, with their respective frameworks).

Nevertheless, I have a previous scientific background; I majored in Chemistry. My work experience since then is related to that field, although I am also very eager to incorporate my gained IT skills into my professional profile.

Literature and music are my other big avocations. In fact, I use to read a chapter or two from my favourite books in the evening. I say books in plural because I read in various languages, mainly Spanish, which I use on a daily basis, English, my second language, and Russian, my mother tongue. Now I am trying to learn German too. About a year that I started to delve into its intricacies. That is why I decided to make this site multilingual.

Any kind and helpful suggestions or requests are welcome!

Thanks for your keen attention so far 🙂

My works

API-Service: URL-Shortener

A microservice which takes user's URL and generates a shorter redirection link. A maximum of 10 URLs per IP can be registered.

Built on CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, Express + Mongoose, EJS, MongoDB.

Color Game

A simple color game aimed to test your knowledge of the RGB model. Up to 10 plays per game.

Built on CSS, JavaScript and React.

Exercise Tracker

A data logging app to monitor your physical activity.

Built on CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express + Mongoose, EJS, MongoDB.

A Tribute Page

My first web creation, a tribute page to an outstanding scientist I admire.

Built on HTML and CSS.

Imperial-Metric Converter

An interactive imperial and metric units converter build with React.

Built on Pug, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React

Chat room

A fully functioning chat interface. In this project I delve into the intricacies of user authentication strategies.

Built on CSS, JavaScript, Pug templating, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Authentication (passport, passport-github, passport-local, bcrypt), chat interface deployment (passport-socket.io, socket.io)

Technical documentation

A static page covering the information about the history of internet and its technical details.

Built on HTML + CSS


A web-based scientific calculator built using React.

Built on CSS, JavaScript, JSX + React

Sudoku Solver

This interactive sudoku solver provides the first valid solution (if any) found based on user's input.

Built on CSS + vanilla JavaScript

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