Here I venture into literary experimentation. I have never been consistent enough to attain a decent writing skill, to be honest. Nevertheless I wanted my early writings to have a cozy place. It is a pondered selection, of course. Although some of them, I recall, are of my teenage years.


        Being in the middle of nowhere
        Thinking of someone
        To find the way to somewhere
        Wherever you are, my guide-star
        I'd think of you
        I'd cross the line
        To your warm heart
        Cause you know
        It's cold where I am
        Without sense of time
        Without taste of life
        With the darkest nights
        With the fear inside
        Without you...
        How I wished it'd come true
        Being next to you

        Can't count the words I forgot to say
        Can't make you dream of a written fate
        Now you realize you don't want to be lost
        in my dreams
        It's so easy to escape from one's sight
        but believe me, lady
        You'll be forever in my heart
        Together we built our history of life
        Now I'm sure no second explains the eternity
        And no rose is beautiful forever.

Hey, little child

        The time has been your silent friend
        You had to walk on the road of life
        With no guide except your dreams
        With the company of the silent friend
        You was plenty of love, joy and fears
        I'd like to see you with your warming smile
        Oh, how I'd like to explain what you feel inside
        But I'm just a prisoner of time.
        Hey, little child,
        How I'd like to see you in my mirror!
        I closed my eyes for a long while
        And you weren't there anymore
        I even hadn't a moment to say Goodbye,
        But I will keep your dreams alive

        It seemed to you
        It was a bad dream
        But truly noone
        can escape from the reality
        Let it mean what you
        want it to mean.
        You believe 
        your thoughts belong to you
        just think your thoughts
        and let them free.

        Can you sugar a sea?
        Can you light
        the sky with a candle
        in the night?
        Do you wish to see
        what is out of sight?
        Why do I wish to fill
        the empty glass with water,
        the dark room with light,
        the empty heart with laughter
        if I feel to cover
        the sadness with a sad song,
        the water with more salt,
        a dream with fantasy,
        a drama with tragedy?

        En estas fechas tan entrañables
        De algunas cosas os vengo a hablar,
        De hechos sin parangón y otros no tan loables,
        Hechos acaecidos en la Vieja Europa.
        Prestad atención.
        Reunid a toda la tropa!
        En un día nublado, el Sol se esconde asustado
        Porque se cierne algo imposible de explicar con palabras,
        Y es que el 2015 llama a mi puerta muy alterado,
        Acude lleno de nuevas noticias y muchas falacias,
        en mi hogar quiere refugiarse, sobre mi calendario ilustrado,
        no logro entender sus frases arcaicas,
        mas le digo que es hora de defender su honor degradado
        por personas de toda calaña con ideas malvadas
        para liberarle de pretensiones malsanas,
        para convertirlo en el mejor de los años,
        sin propósitos que puedan enclaustrarlo,
        sin miedos que puedan desanimarlo,
        sin prejuicios que puedan ensuciarlo,
        sin guerras que puedan condenarlo,
        por él, sin titubeos, estoy clamando:
        Pasa por mi vida para quedarte, 
        En mi corazón angustiado.

Friday evening

It's a Friday evening. Pretty warm outside. A cooling breeze flows through the window to refresh my ideas and help to think. It has been another exhausting day at work and I am starting to loose the vital perspective I forged in this town. Everything's new: people, place, prospects, plans. The elements to aim for the goal are scarce and meagre. I decide to open my laptop and start to type a message to you: "It's Friday evening. Pretty warm outside. A cooling breeze..."

Make your reality

        I take a step into a world full of promises
        Just a bunch of meaningless noises,
        With every word I am further away from reality
        Embracing an incomplete, long yearned fantasy,
        Deep into this soul of mine I search
        Many answers to an endless quest,
        I did not make up this game,
        But I still roll the dice and bet
        Until I loose my vitality
        Until I make my reality.

Know the way

        The playful morning sheen glistens on my pen
        As I stare into the dark puddle of ink on my paper
        Unable to move I find myself in this scene
        of infinite choices
        With intoxicating elation I accept this laden
        There is nothing else for what I could cater
        My heart will open
        what my wistful mind
        for me closes